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Stack and save with our supplement stacks!
This one is for the hard hitters! One of everything! This stack has your health and fitness needs covered from head to toe; it has been put together for total body optimisation. You get the choice out of flavour from our standard 1kg protein powders to cover your post-workout recovery, 1 of our delicious, natural pre-workouts to give you that competitive edge, plus our Hemp Gut Matrix and Hemp Super Greens to cover your gut health and leave you with a shining glow. You also get our Maca Madness, which is a Hemp/Maca powder combo designed to give you that extra boost during training or any time of the day and keep your hormones regulated. This is a truly game-changing that has all your bodies needs covered to leave you feeling motivated and ready to reach your health and fitness goals.

Our Ultimate Stack includes the following:
1 x Hemp Protein Powder standard 1kg tub (flavour of your choice)
1 x Hemp Maca Madness
1 x Hemp Super Greens (flavour of your choice)
1 x Hemp Pre-Workout (flavour of your choice)
1 x Hemp Gut Matrix
1 x Royal Hemp Shaker Cup

Hemp protein powder is a plant-based protein powder with a nutty organic taste. Hemp protein powder is packed full of key vitamins and minerals, boasts a full amino acid profile, including the 9 essentials and also contains the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 in a perfect 1:3 ratio. All our Hemp protein powder is exclusively grown and manufactured in Australia. Our Standard range produces a more full, smooth flavour packed full of goodness.

Maca Madness is a high carbohydrate Hemp protein powder blend with added superfoods for additional health and fitness benefits. Hemp Maca Madness is perfect for pre, post or during your workout as it is a natural anabolic and adaptogen, which means it works to counteract stress in the body, simply put it hacks the stress response in your body and helps you grow muscle. It also contains key vitamins and minerals to promote overall health and recovery and is high in fibre to aid with digestion. Our delicious butterscotch flavour will leave your mouth watering.
Our Hemp Super Greens are a Hemp packed greens superfood matrix full of key vitamins and minerals. Our greens blend contains spirulina, wheatgrass, alfalfa grass, barley grass and chlorella, which all contain high levels of chlorophyll, antioxidants, B vitamins including B12, Vitamins A, C, E, K and minerals such as Copper, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc. Royal Hemp Super Greens formulas have been designed to detox and alkalise your body, removing disease-causing free radicals and improving immunity, nutrient absorption, energy levels and hormonal health.
Hemp Gut Matrix – Pineapple Lime is a powerful, plant-based prebiotic gut health formula designed to cleanse, repair and maintain a healthy gut. Containing a special blend of natural prebiotics which feeds the good bacteria in your gut and reduces the risk of disease plus powerful natural anti-inflammatories, Hemp gut matrix promotes overall gut health and wellbeing.
Our Hemp Natural Pre-Workout Thermogenic is a Hemp packed pre-workout energising thermogenic formula made entirely from superfoods. Containing a blend of plant-based ingredients designed to provide you with the energy you need to power you through your workout or your day without the crash you get from synthetic, chemical-filled pre-workout formulas.

10 benefits of HEMP protein powder!

  1. Hemp protein powder Is high in fibre, which means it is great for digestion and gut health.
  2. Hemp contains healthy good fats omega 3,6&9.
  3. Hemp contains all essential amino acids which your body cannot produce on its own.
  4. Hemp is allergen-free, a great alternative to people allergic to nuts or soy.
  5. Hemp is naturally high in magnesium, which is responsible for over 300 enzymatic functions within our body.
  6. Hemp seed contains the globular proteins – edestin and albumin, these proteins are essential to supporting a healthy immune system.
  7. Hemp contains vitamins E&D which means it’s great for skin and hair health.
  8. Hemp is a natural anti-inflammatory and can reduce the symptoms of Arthritis due to its fatty acid content along with other vital minerals and vitamins.
  9. Hemp contains branched-chain amino acids which help build lean muscle and repair damaged muscle tissues.
  10. Hemp protein powder contains high levels of the amino acid arginine, which is used to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to expand, which in turn leads to lowered levels of blood pressure!

All our products contain Australian grown Hemp protein powder and are vegan-friendly.
Free from GMO’s.
Australian Made and Owned.

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1 review for The Ultimate Stack

    January 16, 2021
    This bundle has everything we need and has helped my brother and I on our health journey. We both suffer from severe eczema and these hemp products, especially the gut matrix and greens has helped keep our skin clear and healthy. We train martial arts daily which requires a lot of energy and recovery time but since starting the hemp products, especially the pre-workout and protein, we perform at our best each session. We have both experimented with many different brands and types of protein from whey to vegan but we both agree that this has been the most beneficial and natural source we have ever used. Plus the delivery is so quick and the team at Royal Hemp are always so helpful and make sure you are happy with your products! Support your Aussie businesses! I highly recommend Royal Hemp :)
    Reply from Admin:
    Thanks Ash!
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