What it is, how it is so important for our health and how hemp consumption can benefit it.

As much as our knowledge of the human body continues to grow, pushing back boundary after boundary of understanding, so too does our knowledge of the food-stuffs that we put into those same bodies.  Never have either of those two concepts been more the case than:

  • The human endocannabinoid system (THES);
  • Hemp.

Chances are, you’ve likely heard of the latter, but maybe not the former.  First up, THES and then we’ll look at that in the context of hemp.

Just the very idea that the human body has a system named after cannabis is an eye-opener for many and a pearl-clutcher for a few.  However, for those presently grasping their necklace, fear not.  THES is one of the most remarkable regulatory features of the human body.

THES is a naturally occurring feature of all humans.  The reason it has the name that it does is because cannabis was known before THES.  Add to that the subsequent discovery that the human body naturally creates cannabis-like substances to help keep the rhythm and balance of your physiology in good working order.  That covers a number of bodily systems that we not only take for granted, but sometimes really don’t think about at all!  That ranges from ensuring that we don’t over or under-heat, activity levels in conjunction with required rest, heart-rate and perspiration – to name just a vital few of a vital many.

On the flip-side, when the body is not in a state of harmony, THES jumps into action.  So, when you get a nose-full of dust, your nose starts to run to try and clean out the debris.  That’s courtesy of your THES.  When you get too hot, your body creates sweat and when it gets too cold, you start to shiver and goose-bumps start to break out.  That’ll be your THES at work again.  Feeling that irritable through lack of sleep? Once again, THES takes a bow as it is your body’s reminder to haul your derriere off to bed and get some much-needed sleep.


John Hicks, MD,  author of “The Medical Power of Cannabis” neatly sums this up:

“The endocannabinoid system is important because it is designed to maintain homeostasis in our bodies. It interconnects all systems, organs and tissues and responds to changes in the internal and external environment,” he writes. “Its whole purpose is to keep our bodies functioning at their best by adapting to change.”

What that means, and this is absolutely key, is that cannabis related products can cause a major stimulation of activity in THES.  That stimulation can allow for some “faulty” functions in the body to be put straight.

That is of course a very lay description of a much more complex set of medical situations.  However, this new frontier in medicine and health-care is opening up exciting new prospects and frontiers for overcoming significant medical conditions and staying in good health in general.

Just take a second to think back over the last decade or so and how much more profile, for example, medical marijuana has had in the news (marijuana is simply another name for cannabis).  It has been identified as being bale to help treat a number of conditions such as cancer, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, glaucoma, schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis.

However, it’s not just medical marijuana. Hemp, being from the same plant species, it shares the same endocannabinoid health benefits that marijuana offers up, but crucially, without the notorious psychoactive high:

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid that creates the psychoactive properties,­­ is associated with the ingestion of marijuana. Hemp contains less than 0.03% THC by dry weight, unable to cause intoxication…”

What that means then for those that use hemp products is no chance of getting high of any sort, but a whole range of nutrition and health benefits.  When you take on board hemp, the chemical makeup of the plant (specifically speaking the cannabinoids) triggers what are known as receptors in the body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoid system.

One particular cannabinoid, Anandamide, goes by the enticing name of the “Bliss Molecule.”  (Fun cannabinoid fact of day – Anandamide gets its name from the ancient Sanksrit language, with “ananda” meaning “joyful” or “blissful”).  Now, Anandamide might seem like a mouthful the first time you come across it, but don’t let make you be a stranger to it or to hemp come to that!  That’s because Anandamide has a vital role to play in the managing and regulation of important functions like pleasure, appetite, fatigue and yep, you probably saw this one coming, pain.  Again, that’s a brief over-view of a complicated biological-physiological

So consuming hemp oil / products can be very beneficial as far as your body’s natural mechanisms are concerned when it comes to any number of vital processes.

Written by David Hewitt.

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