Maca Root Powder as a Natural Anabolic

If you thought Maca was one of the Beatles, you’d be mostly right (you just need one more “c”).  Bonus points if you also know about this South American powerhouse of a plant.  However, if you’re still more prone to think of Sir Paul rather than one of nature’s most effective organic plant supplements, you absolutely need to read on!

The Maca plant originates from the Andes mountains of Peru.  Sometimes referred to as “Peruvian ginseng”, the indigenous peoples of Peru have long known about both the culinary uses of the plants roots as well as its awesome health and fitness benefits.  That’s because it is dense in an array of nutrients, vitamins, essential amino acids and phytonutrients.  Inca warriors from centuries ago would swear by it, consuming Maca root powder before headed into battle.

Consequently, with that treasure trove of goodness, Maca root powder is becoming increasingly known not only for enhancing the body’s metabolism and energy levels, but also for being a highly effective natural anabolic.  Anabolic, for those who are not sure, essentially means “the building up of body muscle / mass.”

For many years, and for certainly too long, anabolic had a connotation of being anything but natural.  Chemicals and formulas that sounded more in place in Frankenstein’s laboratory rather than in a health-conscious diet werecommon-place and flooded the market.  In stark contrast, Maca root powder is 100% wholly natural and is increasingly in demand around the world.

Maca Root Powder as a Natural Anabolic

The reason why Maca root powder is now so sought after by top performing athletes, body-builders and sports-people include:

  • Regular consumption of Maca root powder naturally encourages the body to produce more testosterone. In doing so, that acts as a natural mass gainer / weight gainer.
  • Maca root powder is a great source of protein – which of course allows the body to bulk up and develop muscle. A tablespoon of Maca root powder contains approximately four grams of protein – an eye-widening ratio alone!
  • Maca root powder also has a raft of other benefits including helping to improve cognitive performance (memory and concentration) as well as boosting the immune system and stimulating libido for both men and women.

So, with Maca root powder firmly in mind, imagine that working in combination with another 100% natural wonder of the plant world – hemp.  Like Maca root powder, hemp is a gold-mine of protein, nutrients, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants.  Hemp protein also comes with nine essential amino acids.  That is of particular interest to those who choose not to eat animal products in pursuit of their essential amino acids portfolio.

The Beatles rocked the world for any number of great musical reasons.  Why not let Maca root powder and hemp protein rock your own word further still with its awesome anabolic attributes and range of other outstanding health benefits?  If you can’t see why you shouldn’t (and you really should), then Hemp Supablendz Maca Madness really should be at the top of your shopping list not only this coming Christmas, but all year round too.

Written by David Hewitt

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