Hi Friends, meet Sam!

Sam is a yoga student of one of our loyal customers and stockists – Jahne Hope-Williams who is a major Hemp and CBD advocate.

Jahne came up with the wonderful idea for Sam to try and incorporate Hemp into her daily diet in order to improve her mental and physical health. Sam has kindly agreed to participate in this challenge and document her journey for others reluctant to give Hemp a go. We have supplied Sam with our unflavoured Hemp protein powder, Hemp seeds and Hemp seed oil. Sam has been having at least of the products on a daily basis for 30 days straight and the results are incredible!

So if you are still not sure about Hemp and its amazing health benefits, give the below a read and thank us later!

Who Am I?

This is one of those tricky questions where you’re not really sure how honest to be. Because I’m doing a trial of Royal Hemp products, I feel as though I need to be super honest about the products but in doing that I’d be hypocritical if I wasn’t being super honest about me.Which, obviously, is terrifying.

I’m approaching the Royal Hemp 30 Day Challenge from a number of different directions, because like most of us, I wear about a million different ‘hats’ on any given day. My Yoga teacher suggested I try Royal Hemp products because she trusts them, she sees the impact they are having on her life and her health and her approach to teaching and living. She thinks I’d really benefit because she knows a lot of my crazy. I trust her, so here I am. My obvious ‘identifiers’, to give you a bit of a picture of the person who will take you on this journey, are:

  • Born in 1978
  • Female
  • Mother of 3 (kids are 12, 4 and 2 – two have an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis)
  • Secondary Teacher (currently on family leave and doing casual emergency teaching days)
  • Wife

The stuff that fills up my days include:

  • Washing laundry
  • Dishes
  • Yoga and Yoga Homework
  • Drinking coffee
  • Budgeting (this is my secret guilty pleasure – I love my family budget spreadsheet more than I should)
  • Sending text messages to my people. I’m not on social media (more on that later) but I do love a gif and a picture message that says ‘I’m having a crappo day’ or ‘Check out how muddy the babies can get in 5 minutes’.
  • Grocery shopping
  • Working with teenagers that are kinda lost in their screens
  • cooking
  • Sweeping up all the tiny bits of food that my toddlers drop on the floor
  • Driving my kids to all the places
  • Shouting at one kid to stop teasing/pushing/snatching/grouching at one or both of the other kids. This is a merry-go-round, one of them is always, always messing with another one/two

The things I love include:

  • My family of crazies
  • Yoga (I wish I had more time for more of this)
  • Laughing
  • Teaching Yoga
  • Gardening/Cooking/Reading with my littlest kids
  • Singing super loudly even though I’m told I’m completely tone-deaf. This just makes me try even harder.
  • Chatting in the car with my pre-teen kid
  • Smelling the ocean air (I live very near the beach in South East Victoria)
  • Smooching my husband
  • Closing my eyes with the sun on my skin
  • Reading books (I also have zero time for this)
  • Philosophical memes that totally get me or I totally get

The things that stress me out are:

  • Moving house (we just did this, it sucks)
  • Saying the wrong thing and then ruminating on it for the rest of the week
  • My husband
  • My job
  • How much washing/dishes/errands/cooking/running around I have to do before ‘x’
  • My job
  • Wishing I could have more coffee without having a total heart/panic attack
  • Not getting my Yoga homework done
  • Leaving my house (sometimes)
  • Not leaving my house (sometimes)

My physical health picture is:

  • 5’10”
  • Australian size 14-16
  • 84 kgs
  • Still partly breastfeeding my 2-year-old
  • Post Radioactive Iodine Grave’s disease – on replacement thyroid hormone

  •  Anxiety – on anti-anxiety SSRI medication
  • I do get a bit puffy when I walk up lots of stairs (but pretend I don’t when I see someone coming down the other way towards me)
  • I’m hypermobile which includes not just being ‘bendy’ but also being a whole range of other characteristics including anxious, prone to injury, particularly in yoga asanas, sometimes socially awkward other times the life of the party, difficulty in following instructions when not written down, trouble with overstimulation. Google it. It’s a whole thing.
  • I wear glasses for reading and computer work. They make me look super cool.
  • I get really dry skin and have super boofy hair. I’ll take some selfies, you’ll see.
  •  My kids and I can’t really eat wheat – I get super bloated and they can’t poo. We aren’t GF, we eat Rye and Spelt and Oats and Vegemite has gluten in it and nothing is getting me off Vegemite.
  •  I may or may not be pre-menopausal, me and my GP aren’t sure, but things are definitely shifting.
My mental health picture is:

  • I worry ALL THE TIME
  •  When I have a ‘bad day’ I get teary and angst-y. I feel this particularly in my chest, up near my throat
  •  I’m worse when I get PMS
  • I do get snappy and shout-y and then feel completely guilty and apologetic
  •  I worry that everyone would be better off without all my insanity. I’m not suicidal or self-harm-y in any way, it’s more, ‘maybe I should go out for cigarettes and not come back and they’d be happier’. This is also much worse when I have PMS.

My practices for healthy living are:

  • Breathing – Yoga breathing, mindful breathing, through my nose breathing
  • Reading philosophical memes that totally get me or I totally get
  • Laughing with my kidlets and my husband, that guy kills me!
  • Cooking everything from scratch as much as possible. The most processed foods in our house are generally corn chips, chocolate and ‘after the kids have gone to sleep’ ice cream
  • Getting outside
  • Drinking water (Coffee is made with water, right?)
  • Yoga

So where to from here? I’m going to use some Royal Hemp products every day for a month. Some days I might be super pro-active and make those raw, vegan, protein balls filled with Royal Hemp seeds or a raspberry and banana Royal Hemp protein powder smoothie or dip some homemade sourdough bread into Royal Hemp oil and homemade smoked dukkah (I’m not doing that) and other days I might just use some Royal Hemp oil on my dry elbows. But I promise to use some every day. You see, the reason I’ve given such an extensive list is not just for you reading, but for me to see if there is a change in some of this stuff. If I have a list, I can see what’s what. If I have a list I can check things off and if, after a month of using Royal Hemp products in my day-to-day, I can manage to see some positive changes or reinforcements, then I’m hoping to be a hemp convert. Always.

So, here we go, and Namaste.



 I’m a week into the Royal Hemp Challenge and, so far, so good. I’ve incorporated some Hemp into my life every day and I’m looking forward to the Royal Hemp ‘glow’ I’ve been told about! At this point, I’m still a bit of a boofy haired, baggy eyed mumsy!

The Food:

I made some Royal Hemp chocolate protein balls. Me and the kids gobbled them up they were delicious! I froze some from the batch because this week was a busy one and I knew I might struggle to meet my daily Royal Hemp intake goals. I didn’t coat the outside with cacao powder but used hemp seeds on the outside. I also took some to a friend’s for afternoon tea and they thought they were yum, too. The teenagers ate them and commented on how good they were!

– I made a Royal Hemp protein smoothie with local frozen raspberries and tayberries, a banana, some Greek yoghurt, almond meal, water and Royal Hemp Protein Powder. I might have used a bit too much protein powder because I found it a little ‘gritty’. The flavour wasn’t unpleasant but there was a definite texture that I wasn’t used to. In saying that, I don’t normally have protein shakes or add powders or superfoods to smoothies so this might be normal.

– I had a teaspoon of Royal Hemp Seed Oil every day. I’m not sure if I should have taken it at the same time every day or not, but I rarely remember to do things at the same time every day. I found the taste quite strong and to be honest, I didn’t love it. But after a week I’m getting used to the flavour. I do seem to get a couple of Hemp Oil ‘repeat’ burps for about ten minutes after I’ve taken the teaspoon but that’s it.

It’s over quickly.


My Body:

This week I’ve gone for a few 15 minute walks, I’ve done a total of about 2.5 hours of yoga, some gravel digging/raking/gardening at my son’s school’s Working Bee and general daily, toddler chasing. I don’t think I’ve had any obvious physical changes as yet. However, I am trying to stay very aware of anything that might be an indicator of my reaction to the Royal Hemp products – both positive and negative.

– After doing a long yoga session I had two chocolate balls and was definitely full afterwards. I think I felt full for about 2 hours which got me through to lunchtime. I was at school and teaching teenagers is hungry work. This is a total positive.

– I woke up the day after the protein powder smoothie with a very painful, bloated belly. I have this kind of reaction to quinoa but I definitely hadn’t had any quinoa. The only thing I’d had that was different, to regular foods we eat, was the protein powder. It took about 3 hours to ease off but I’ll try it again in a few days just to make sure. I used the scoop that was included with the protein powder but I’m thinking that was maybe too much. I’ve heard of hemp protein powder having this effect on people before, but they haven’t had reactions to oils or seeds. We shall see!

– I did find physically this week that I might be feeling a little more resilient. I rolled my ankle going down the front stairs and, with my hypermobile body, this is a common occurrence. It had stopped hurting within an hour. And after an hour-long class I wasn’t feel nearly as fatigued as I usually would.

My Brain:

 The one thing I have noticed this week is that there might be some changes afoot in my head! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying my crazy has dissipated, I’ve still had a couple of super panicky times, some grouchy shout-y times, some tearful calls to my mum and some moments of heightened emotions, particularly in response to my younger son’s autism characteristics.

But in all of this, and let’s be fair, this is a pretty normal week for us, my brain might be feeling clearer. Or sharper, maybe. I feel a little bit like I know what I want, or what I want to say, and although I might not yet have the total bollocks to say exactly what I’m thinking, I do feel as though I know it better.

I didn’t think I had any ‘brain fog’ but I now feel as though there may be some fog lifting if there was some.

AND one of my yoga students this week called me a ‘Goddess’! Maybe I’m glowing after all.


 Week 2 of my Royal Hemp Challenge and I like how it’s becoming part of the routine now.  I’ve obviously got the products on hand, however, I think having the challenge going forces me to think of new ways to incorporate them into my daily life. I also like knowing that I’m incorporating things that are good for me. My family have had a few ‘sneak attacks’ (Royal Hemp seeds on their breakfast cereal) but they’re not really on board with many of the foods I’ve been making (except last week’s chocolate balls!)


The Food:

– I’ve been continuing the teaspoonful of Royal Hemp oil every day (although I think I missed Wednesday) and have found I can tolerate the taste much more now than I could at the start of the Challenge. I tried using it in a basic vinaigrette (Hemp oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and Dijon mustard) thinking that would be more palatable for me but I think it’s just maybe not my cup of tea. I will keep going with the daily teaspoon though, it’s definitely having a positive effect.

– I’ve been trying to add Royal Hemp products to my ‘go to’ food this week as well, in order for me to find ways to consume my daily challenge amount without always having to make something ‘fancy’ or specific. I’ve sprinkled Royal Hemp seeds on everything from salad to avocado on toast, poached eggs, granola and yoghurt and baked potatoes. I’m told that heating can take away the healthful benefits of the oil but the seeds are able to be toasted and still retain their nutritional value.

– I made a smashed avocado ‘breakfast for dinner’. I had two free range eggs with rocket, sautéed mushrooms and avocado on sourdough spelt toast with a sprinklingof dukkah, feta cheese, chilli flakes and hemp seeds. It was so tasty, I can’t wait to eat it again! I love breakfast for dinner.

– I did try the protein powder again this morning. I mixed it into stewed rhubarb and apple with cinnamon and Greek yoghurt. I was a bit scared of last’s week’s reaction to the smoothie so, being the queen of ‘head in the sand’ level procrastination, I’ve put it off for a week worried I’d have the same reaction. Kat at Royal Hemp was so lovely about my sore belly after the smoothie though, that she gave me some sound advice and information about the protein powder stating that “Hemp protein powder is quite high in fibre and can potentially cause bloating if you are not used to a high fibre diet”. She recommended to increase my water and vegetable intake as a general rule to help the body adjust. I do eat loads of vegetables, however, I could drink more water, so I have been. I tend to drink about 1.5 litres a day but think I probably need around 2+ litres. Will see how I go in the morning.

My Body:

This week has been a bit tricky physically for me in that on Tuesday I hurt my lower back quite badly. This affected my activity levels significantly. It’s an old problem that recurs periodically for me and relates directly to my hypermobility. It was highlighted to the extreme during my pregnancies with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction so intense that I ended up needing a walking frame and now I often need to return to the osteopath to get sorted out. My pelvis twists and my hips go out in the weirdest combination of painful little turns and then when they’re heading to their danger zone, something tiny like bending down to pick up my daughter’s drink bottle at the park, can throw me out and make me hobble in leg/back/pelvis pain for days.

– I gave my skin a dose of Royal Hemp oil this week, too. I rubbed it into my hands and arms. It wasn’t oily for long and seemed to soak in very quickly. I still felt as though I had dry sections so maybe I need to use a bit more all over. And try it every day, perhaps.

– I kept doing 5-10 minutes of sporadic yoga throughout the week, mostly supine stretches of the lower back and lots of twists, hoping I’d miraculously crack myself back into place (the osteo is booked out!) but nothing much really worked.

– I did force myself to teach an hour yoga class yesterday just in the blind faith that it might fix me. It has worked more than I thought it would. I teach yoga on the beach so I think having the sand underneath supporting me without being super unforgiving was a bonus – I wish I’d thought of this earlier in the week!

My Brain:

I’ve been less grouchy with my rugrats this week and only had a few outbursts of ‘shouty neurotic mum’. Bonus. However, I have been super anxious. We had family staying for a few days at the start of the week, I’m changing my employment status and also hurting my back could have impacted things to a point where my little brain just couldn’t cope and I got all crazy. I was obsessing over stupid things (like getting every tiny bit of dust off the timber floorboards – don’t bother, it’s impossible) and worrying about huge things (like climate change and my kids’ futures) and getting into a teary mess.

There is, without doubt, less brain fog though! All the Omega 3s and 6s and 9s are having a party and owning it upstairs!



 Week 3 of my Royal Hemp 30 Day Challenge and I’m excited about a couple of key changes that I’ve only just, consciously, noticed. As in now that I’ve thought about it I can see that it’s been happening for probably well over a week but the penny has only just dropped. #facepalm

Firstly, I think cravings for sugary things have seriously abated. I must say that I’m not a HUGE sweet tooth (we still have Easter chocolate in the fridge, for example) however, if there is a cake or cookies or Toblerone around I am very likely to snatch a piece every now and then for morning/afternoon tea or after dinner when the kids are asleep. Trust me, they don’t need any sugar to add to their crazy!

But this week my middle tiny human off-spring had a birthday and the leftovers weren’t that appealing to me. In fact, the cake that was put in the fridge stayed there for a few days and ended up getting thrown out – and we are categorically anti food waste so that’s a big-ish deal in my house.

And secondly, I feel as though my physical PMS symptoms were reduced in both time and severity. I didn’t get the crazy blind pimples I’m still partial to (even at 41, cough), I didn’t have huge pre-bloating nor did I have my “I need to eat everything in sight” day that usually happens about 3 days prior.

I still had some intense emotional symptoms but since I wasn’t having the other symptoms I actually had to check the calendar to see what was going on.


The Food:

– I’ve been continuing the teaspoonful of Royal Hemp oil every day.

– I’ve continued with adding Royal Hemp products to my ‘go to’ foods. I’ve still been sprinkling Royal Hemp seeds on everything – this week I even made dukkah chicken (smashed some coriander seeds and cumin seeds in a mortar and pestle, added some sesame seeds, hemp seeds, salt, pepper and a little bit of paprika), oiled the outside of the chicken breast, coated the chicken in the dukkah then barbecued.

Was so tasty! SUMMER IS COMING!

– I’m finding myself putting seeds or protein powder into some Greek yoghurt with some fruit for a snack (berries, bananas and mangoes – see above Re SUMMER!!!) and I’m finding that the seeds particularly are adding an almost savoury element to a quick snack/brekky bowl.

– I’m happy to report that I haven’t had a repeat of the painful bloating of my first attempt of consuming the protein powder so hats off to Kat at Royal Hemp – the extra water definitely did the trick!

My Body:

My Body:

 – My back is feeling much better (Phew!) and I’ve Yoga-ed on the beach again which really is the best. I kinda don’t want to do yoga anywhere else now for fear I’ll throw myself out again.

– See above re my cravings/PMS symptoms

– I haven’t re-tried the Royal Hemp Oil on my skin thing – Kat suggested that dry skin would be better served with a moisturiser then ‘sealed’ with Hemp oil rather than with Hemp oil alone. This may be a perfect idea, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

My Brain:

– Still coasting without brain fog.

– No other notable changes to report at this stage.


I finished!

I completed my Royal Hemp 30 Day Challenge yesterday and I’m seriously a convert. I love Royal Hemp Products! I have felt so much more motivation to exercise, resilience after injury and positive thinking in the last 2 weeks, especially, but all over in the past month than I have in quite a while. I’ve had physical benefits and mental health benefits. I’m excited about exercising and that’s just usually not on my radar. I get excited about Yoga and going for a swim but honestly, not much else.

I started this challenge with a list and I think ending with one would be poetic (and would serve my desire for bookended closure)


Things that I love about my Royal Hemp 30 Day Challenge:

  • reduced cravings for sweets
  • reduced anxiety
  • reduced PMS symptoms
  •  increased stamina in exercise as well as in my daily toddler/kid wrangling
  •  increased *cough* libido
  •  my skin is looking clearer
  •  I feel more able to get through my meltdowns. Using Royal Hemp products hasn’t stopped me from losing my proverbial or from life throwing me giant curve balls, but I have noticed I’ve been able to get over it more quickly
  •  increased motivation and interest in exercise (which would obviously be having a knock on effect for all of the above!)

I’ve also found it super easy to incorporate the Royal Hemp protein powders, seeds and oil into our regular day-to-day. I haven’t felt as though it was a difficult adjustment to what I normally do, it can be simple. I didn’t always make the fancy protein balls with all the things but I could easily sprinkle some seeds on every meal and to make a post work-out protein shake in my fancy shaker (see image attached) took 10 seconds to prepare. Like I said before, I’m not a huge fan of the taste of the oil, but I honestly think that’s just my taste buds, other people I know love it. And I’m having it every morning religiously because I’m feeling so fab!

Some of my favourite ways to eat more Royal Hemp products are:

  •  hemp seed dukkah chicken breasts
  •  protein balls with dates, hemp seeds and protein powder, walnuts, coconut oil, cacao and peanut butter
  •  rocket salad with poached eggs, sauteed mushrooms, feta/blue cheese, hemp seed dukkah and chili flakes
  •  granola with berries, Greek yoghurt and hemp seeds
  •  stewed fruit (apple, rhubard) with protein powder and a dollop of Greek yoghurt
  • ALL THE SMOOTHIES –  protein powder, nut butter, berries/bananas/mangoes, milk/water
  • Vegemite on toast with sliced avocado and hemp seeds

And, even though I only tried the flavoured protein samplers late in my challenge, I’m SO IN LOVE WITH ROYAL HEMP HIMALAYAN SALTED CARAMEL PROTEIN POWDER I MIGHT JUST BURST!

So after my 30 Day Royal Hemp challenge, I’m completely sold. Royal Hemp products have totally contributed to a really positive set of changes for me – physically, mentally, socially and within my family life. I feel more open and excited about life. I’m motivated to continue to make more positive changes and I’ll definitely continue to consume my daily Royal Hemp dosage. It’s no longer a ‘Challenge’ for me, it’s now just something that I choose, and will continue to choose, I do.

I would like to thank Michael and Kat for all of their support prior to and during this challenge and of course for trusting me with their products.

And OMG that Salted Caramel….


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