Royal Hemp Review by Jahne Hope-Williams

To everyone who is thinking about taking hemp, don’t just think about it –DO IT. It is not just a supplement, it is a superfood. You are not just getting the best protein and Omegas 3,6 and 9, you are changing your life (and your future). The endocannabinoid system is as important as any other system in your body, and I think will be a major area of study in the next 10 years. Why take supplements, why take anything if your gut isn’t absorbing the nutrients you are taking – and that is what the endocannabinoid system works on. Without the cannabinoids, it is like you have received a message that some goods you have ordered are at the station, but there is no taxi truck or way of getting them to where they are needed, so they are sitting, waiting for the signal. That is what the endocannabinoid system does. It alerts the body that the nutrients that are needed by the body are there and then gets them delivered to the organs that need them. A game-changer. My students are raving fans, and every day, more are making their way to Royal Hemp supplements. It’s changing lives. There are a lot of hemp supplements out there (and there will be more) Royal Hemp is the best.

Jahne Hope-Williams
Director. The Australasian Yoga Institute.

Royal Hemp Products

Hemp Protein Powder Chocolate Hazelnut (1kg)

$79.95 inc. GST or subscribe and save 10%

Hemp Protein Powder Pure Unflavoured (500g, 1kg)

$39.95$64.95 inc. GST or subscribe and save 10%

Hemp Protein Powder Vanilla Cinnamon (1kg)

$79.95 inc. GST or subscribe and save 10%

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