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When it comes to living both naturally and healthily, our ancestors from right around the globe can always teach us a thing or two. Take matcha powder for example. Used by the Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese for the best part of the past thousand years, the properties and health benefits of matcha powder are quite remarkable.

Matcha powder is made by the fine grinding of a specially grown green tea. In a nutshell, the green tea is grown in shade for three to four weeks and then, when harvested, it has its stems and veins removed. The result? A fine green powder, matcha, that if it’s not yet part of your health regime, really needs to be. And here’s just a few good reasons why.

Things you should know about Matcha

Things you should know about Matcha

First up, matcha contains a tongue-twisting entity called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG.) EGCG is a potent antioxidant with evidence beginning to stack up as to its effective clout when it comes to taking out free radicals (toxins that can cause your body some significant health issues over time.) What does that mean for you in real terms? Your body gets a potential boost in fighting off things like cancer and cardiovascular disease. Nice.

Matcha for health and fitness – Royal Hemp

Things you should know about Matcha

If you’re interested in weight loss/control, then matcha powder should most definitely be on your radar. EGCG has also been linked with speeding up the body’s metabolism which is, of course, conducive to burning off calories.

Recent studies have also highlighted how regular consumption of matcha powder can be significantly helpful in keeping cognitive ability in tip-top shape. So, we’re looking at things like sharper attention span, concentration, memory and reaction times. Keeping your mind in good health is certainly, well, something to keep in mind when it comes to matcha powder.

And that’s not the end of the benefits, far from it. Matcha powder offers you, and you can be forgiven for maybe not knowing this, what’s called L-Theanine. L-Theanine is an amino acid that allows the body to become more relaxed and at ease. Consequently, it is an ideal supplement to take for those suffering from things like high blood pressure or who have difficulty in being unable to unwind.

The matcha powder good news doesn’t stop there. It’s also absolutely loaded with vitamins and minerals, including calcium, chromium selenium, and vitamins A, C and E. On top of that, more and more evidence is coming to the fore as to how matcha powder can also help inhibit the growth of potential cancers, helps with skin health, improves the health of the eyes and has anti-viral capabilities too, particularly so with regards to things like colds and flu.

Matcha powder has really come to prominence in just the last few years or so, but with good reason. The secret is out and as much as “regular” green tea has been known to be good for your mind and body, matcha powder now takes that to an entirely new level.

And that’s the reason why organic Matcha powder is a key ingredient in our Choc Matcha Mint Hemp Super Greens formula (insert hyperlink for greens). Furthermore, it’s so refreshing and delicious that you will never forget to get your greens in.

Written by Dave Hewitt.

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