What exactly is agave-derived inulin?

It’s likely the case that at all of the dinner parties you’ve ever attended, you’ve discussed many different sorts of foods. However, you would be forgiven for not discussing agave derived inulin. That said, you may want to keep it in mind for the future – because it’s something that you and your dinner-party partners will definitely want to know about in the future.

Originating from the warmer parts of the Americas, agave is a luscious green plant. It can be processed to obtain a sweet “nectar” – something that is becoming increasingly more popular as a natural way to sweeten foods and drinks. Agave can also be used as a good source of inulin.

So then, what exactly is agave derived inulin? 

Inulin is a fibre that can be sourced from as many as up to 36,000 plant sources.  However, it is particularly abundant when it comes to agave.  And of course, always natural.

Inulin is a fructan, which despite sounding like a newly found alien on Star Trek, is actually a type of food source that cannot be digested in the human small intestine. That means it goes on to become a prebiotic – a food source for the good bacteria that’s most definitely batting for you when it comes to the health of your lower intestines.

The way that it works is that the good gut bacteria in your lower gut feast out on the inulin. By doing so, they convert the inulin into what are known as short-chain fatty acids. Those fatty-acids are awesome at keeping your colon and lower gut health in a good place.

Not only is inulin good at keeping your gut in tip-top shape, it provides any number of other health benefits too.

Studies are increasingly supportive of the inulin being a useful tool as part of a weight loss / control regime. Evidence points to inulin actually having appetite suppressant qualities.


Inulin can also help with other digestive issues too, including constipation and associated bloating.

Whatexactlyisagave derivedinulin?

There’s good news for your heart too. As it passes through your stomach and upper gut undigested, it picks up tiny bad-guy particles along the way. So that’s things like toxins and, crucially, cholesterol.  And as we know, the less cholesterol in the blood, the better the news for the heart and keeping some potentially serious health conditions at bay.

Inulin is also good news for those that are looking to keep their blood-sugars under control. One of the effects that inulin has on the digestive system is that it slows the whole process down. Consequently, that reduces sudden bursts of sugar into the blood-stream, allowing blood-sugar levels a better chance of staying in a healthy range, something especially for diabetics to be mindful of.

There are also suggestions that inulin may protect against colon cancer and also help out with bone health and mineral absorption. The evidence is still at an early stage in respect of both of those, but is encouraging news nevertheless.

So there we have it – agave-derived inulin. Great for you – and your dinner party guests.

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Written by Dave Hewitt.

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