The Health Benefits of Maca Root Powder and What It Can Do to Your Body

Recently, the Maca plant has been deemed popular due to its supposed properties of improving energy and stamina.

The Health Benefits of Maca Root Powder

A native plant in Peru, the Maca’s powder form is mainly used for supplements such as Maca Madness Butterscotch Bliss. So why is this powder becoming a normal ingredient in pre/intra/post work-out formula supplements? Let’s find out more about its benefits to our bodies:

  • It is full of nutrients. The Maca Root is very nutritious and is one of the best sources for important vitamins and minerals. It comprises of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Copper, Iron, Potassium, and Magnesium, and is even a good source of fat, fiber, protein, and even carbohydrates
  • It improves your overall mood. Studies have shown that the Maca Root is directly associated with reducing anxiety and symptoms of depression. This is due to the fact that it contains flavonoids, a particular ingredient that is partly responsible for these psychological benefits
  • It may improve learning and memory. Traditionally, Peruvians used Maca to help their children improve their performance at school. Studies have shown that in an experiment, rodents were proven to have memory impairment, but when they consumed the Maca Root, their memory improved.
  • It can help to protect your skin from the harmful radiation of an afternoon sun. Studies have shown that a Maca extract, which is a concentrated form of Maca, can provide UV protection when directly applied to the skin.
  • It may help increase fertility in men. There is some evidence that Maca can help increase sperm quality and even its count as well as its motility. If the quality of sperm is good, it will directly affect one’s fertility, which can help improve through Maca–based supplements.
  • It helps with relieving symptoms of Menopause. The natural decline in estrogen for Menopausal women can cause plenty of unpleasant and sometimes, unwanted symptoms including hot flashes and interrupted sleep. Studies have shown that those symptoms can be alleviated by making Maca a part of a regular diet.
  • It helps to boost physical activity performance as well as overall energy. Maca aids in gaining muscles, increasing strength, elevating energy, and improving physical activity such as exercise and overall performance. A study conducted on this, concluded that cyclists improved their time completion of a 25-mile bike ride when they took a Maca Root-based supplement for 14 days. No wonder it is a popular supplement recommended by a lot of body builders and enthusiasts. Pairing it with hemp protein powder, a supplement such as the Maca Madness Butterscotch Bliss becomes highly popular because of that reason alone.

These are just some of the benefits of Maca that you can enjoy if you consistently include them in your diet. The benefits are so vast, that the possibilities are endless for this wonder root. What’s even further potent and effective, is you can consider taking Maca Root powder supplements mixed with hemp protein powder (such as Maca Madness Butterscotch Bliss from Hemp SuperBlendz) Buy Now which could give your body a higher boost as it can be consumed before, during and even after physical activities


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