Siberian Ginseng – What You and Your Body Need to Know.

When asked about Siberia, one may quickly summon up Russia and Huskies – and that might just be it.

Siberian GinsengThat’s because outside of those, Siberian things tend to come with a bit of mystique about them – a sense of something far away and a somewhat unknown.  So, it is then that you may not be on first name terms with Siberian ginseng – but you really should be.  And here’s why.

Siberian ginseng is a small, shrub-like plant found in Asia with the root of the plant being used for consumption.  While there are of course many different sorts of natural products out there that are undeniably good for us, like turmeric, ginger, hemp seed and so on, Siberian Ginseng has been used for thousands of years, primarily across north-east Asia (but now also further afield) to give a boost to human health and physical performance.

And those thousands of years of human use of Siberian ginseng have not been in vain.  That’s because our ancestors are increasingly being shown to be correct about in their understanding of the medicinal properties of Siberian ginseng as more and more contemporary evidence comes to light.

One of the primary benefits of Siberian ginseng is that it gives a boost to the immune system and therefore helps us to stay healthier for longer.

Siberian ginseng is often, correctly, designated as an “adaptogen.”  That’s the name used for any substance that gives the body extra strength and resilience

That extra strength and resilience can then be translated into potentially improved athletic performances.  While the evidence is at the early stage of contemporary examination, a number of studies have pointed in the direction of Siberian ginseng giving you a helping-hand when it comes to longer, more effective periods of exercise.

Siberian ginseng is also renowned for its ability to help fight off the likes of colds and ‘flu.  Again, there’s that resilience factor again.  The theory is that there is a range of chemicals in Siberian ginseng that are very effective at fighting off certain types of bacteria and even viruses.

Interestingly, evidence has also started to come to light that Siberian ginseng may also be able to boost the immune system in cancer patients. That’s potentially quite something to keep in mind as to the positive potency of Siberian ginseng.

There’s more too.  Siberian ginseng may also help those suffering from insomnia get a better night’s sleep and can also help those who suffer from stress and anxiety to better manage their symptoms.

As is the case with so many remedies that were used by those who lived thousands of years before us, they often-times knew a thing or two that would go on to stand the test of time when it comes to the body and our health. Siberian ginseng is one of those.

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Written by Dave Hewitt.

siberian ginseng

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