Beetroot Powder Power

When it comes to beetroot, they may wish to have had a bit of a word with their PR department up until fairly recently – as they were not really the most sought after of root vegetables.  For example, as a kid in the 70s, my grandma used to serve them up in a cheese sandwich when we visited on Sunday afternoons and I was not overly impressed…

Yet how wrong I was!

It’s all change now as the humble beetroot has started to soar in popularity as people get up to speed with just how remarkably good it is for your body.

Beetroot Powder Power

Not only are beets low in calories, but they are also dense in antioxidants and vitamins.  In particular, they are one of a select few veg that contains nitrates.  And when your body gets its hands on that, it magics it up into nitric oxide – a key element for keeping your blood and its flow in tip-top condition.

The trick is though, while beets have that nitrate element, you need to be a bit of a beetroot fanatic (a beetroot-rooter?) to get the full effect.  And up to as many as eight whole beetroots a day may be pushing it even for the most hardcore among us

Here’s where beetroot powder takes centre-stage – because it’s concentrated, it’s not as eye-widening a prospect of whole beetroots every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It’s a lot easier to consume and beetroot powder is awesome for your body in any number of ways:

  • As mentioned, and right off the bat, beetroots are low in both calories and also in fat. Weight gain has many culprits – beetroot powder is never going to be one of them.
  • Beetroot powder has an array of vitamins and nutrients to keep you both fighting fit and the doctor away, in either order, such as vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium.
  • Regular, daily use of beetroot powder helps to keep your heart strong as it can keep your blood-pressure in check.
  • Looking for improved athletic performance? Then those ruby-red nitrates also help your muscle performance as well as your heart’s. Because of the better blood flow, you get more oxygen to your muscles – which they will love you for at the gym, on the track or wherever
  • Post-performance exercise times are given a boost with beet powder too. The nitrates in the beets allow for the nitric oxide in your blood to help your muscles repair and re-strengthen more effectively post work-out
  • More and more evidence is coming to light as to just how good beetroot is for the human body in any number of ways. Those include potential reductions in bodily inflammation, help with digestion and improved cognitive awareness.
Beetroot Powder Power

So all in all, beetroot is hard to beat when it comes to being good for you, with beetroot powder being even more so the case.  On top of all that, beetroot powder is inexpensive too – another win-win.

Beetroot powder is one of the key ingredients in our new Hemp Naturel Pre-Workouts which you can find here.

Written by Dave Hewitt.

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