What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. –  Pat Flynn

Why become a Royal Hemp affiliate?

Join the movement and become part of the #HEMPNATION

By becoming an affiliate, not only will you earn money from each sale made through your link, you will be assisting us in education Australia and the world about all the physical and mental health benefits of Hemp.

We will pay you 15% of every sale that is made from your link! Our payments are made automatically through PayPal monthly.

So what are you waiting for, become an affiliate, spread your link (and the love) and get paid!

How to become a Royal Hemp affiliate? 

Simple! Follow the steps below and you can participate in promoting our products to your audiences and networks.

Step 1: Register to our affiliate program.

Just fill out the registration form and wait for our team to review your application.

afifiliate program

Step 2:

If your application gets approved, you’ll get access to the affiliates dashboard where you will be able to generate referral links to share with your audiences. Every referral link is unique and will identify your personal account with the traffic that you sent to our shop.

On top of that, we use cookies that identify the users you sent to us for a period of 30 days unless they don’t delete their browser history.

affiliate Dashboard

Step 3:

Once your referral link is created you can share it with your audience, either as web content, blog articles, social media post or you can email it to your network, it’s really easy.

Step 4: 

As soon as visitors are coming to our site that has been referred from you, it will get recorded in the affiliates dashboard and you can review your performance and revenue earned.

royal hemp affiliate dahsboard payout
affiliates transaction history

Step 5:

Once your referred traffic makes a purchase, you will get 15% commission on every sale. The payment will happen via PayPal and occurs in a monthly payout cycle automatically.

That’s it! its that easy to join the #hempnation and make a positive change in the world!

We thank you in advance for becoming an affiliate!

The Royal Hemp Team.


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  1. Admin says:

    After you registered, you can log in here.

    After you are logged in go here to get your Link

  2. Hi I have registered but not sure how to promote

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