Royal Hemp at Fitness Show in Melbourne 2018

Royal Hemp had the pleasure to attend the Fitness show in Melbourne 2018. Sharing the space with over 90 other amazing exhibitors and tons of awesome fitness enthusiasts.

Royal Hemp Team

What is the Fitness Show all about?

The Fitness Show is the largest event for health and fitness in the Southern Hemisphere. Whether you’re into yoga, meditation, running, powerlifting, bodybuilding or just leading a healthy lifestyle, the Fitness Show has something for you!

You can see your favourite fitness personalities, check out what’s on offer from your favourite fitness brands and shop yourself silly for fitness apparel, sports gadgets, health foods and much more!

Besides that, you can listen in on one of many free health and wellness workshops and live cooking demonstrations, delivered by Australia’s leading health and fitness personalities. You can also find a great range of health foods and beverages, raw treats and sports supplement products to support your healthy lifestyle. On top of that, you can see some of the fittest and most aesthetic physiques in the world sweat it out in live training sessions and competitions.

What were some of the Highlights?


On Saturday 13th October from 6pm-8:30 pm, iCompete Natural (ICN) hosted the ICN Pro Night of Champions. The best local and international ICN Pro Card holders battled it out for over $50,000 in cash prizes across seven divisions including Men’s Bodybuilding iPRO, Figure iPRO, Fitness Model iPRO, Men’s Fitness iPRO, Sports Model iPRO, Mr Physique iPRO & Bikini Model iPRO. Prizes per category were as follows 1st Prize $3000, 2nd $2000, 3rd $1000, 4th $600, 5th $400.

@laura.henshaw and @stephclairesmith

KIC’ing with @laura.henshaw and @stephclairesmith! ?

Sweet Berries Clothes

Sweet Berries Clothes are an amazing new brand of fitness, yoga, pole, areal and fitness clothes for women. They have a unique and special range designed in Australia and manufactured in Europe for true fitness lovers!

Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift Competition

Australia’s strongest have battled it out all weekend in the squat, bench press and deadlift. ?️‍♀️?️‍♂️

bench press
Functional Nutrition Academy
Functional Nutrition Academy

Functional Nutrition Academy offers online nutrition courses based on a vitalistic philosophy. These diverse courses are suitable for people who want to improve their health and nutrition, create a business in health as well as people in a clinical capacity, who are seeking additional expertise in applied functional nutrition.

Courses include ‘Introduction to Nutrition’, Fundamentals of Functional Nutrition’, ‘Applied Functional Nutrition’, ‘Business Basics’ and the nationally recognised training – ‘Applied Business Course’.

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